Audition Requirements

  • Prepare a solo musical selection of your own choosing to sing at your audition, any style is welcome. 

  • All auditions will be accompanied by OCS’s collaborative pianist. Please remember to bring a copy of your piece for the accompanist. The accompanist's copy must be in the key in which the piece will be performed. 

  • Prepare the following material:
    • Measures 1 to 62 of Johannes Brahms’ Wie lieblich deine Wohnungen (from Ein Deutsches Requiem)  

    • One of the following rhythm exercises - you can sing them of ‘ta’ or clap.

Rhythm No. 1

Rhythm No. 2

    • A chromatic scale:  ascending from Do to Sol and then descending from Sol to Do. You may sing this on any syllable you choose, e.g. ta or doo. 
    • To hear your diction, please prepare this diction exercises
  • During the audition you will be asked to sing a series of simple vocal exercises to determine your range and overall musical ability.

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